Public Relations Department

Maintain internal and external public relations to better meet the work, study and life needs of Zurich students:

  1. Contacted outstanding talents in work, travel and hobbies, shared experiences online and offline for students; Compiling new student handbook; Organize Zurich Parade Group, self-defense instruction, volunteers, Dragon Boat Festival reunion and other activities.

  2. Communication and liaison with ETH start-ups, co-organizing innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, experience sharing and other activities; Chinese students in Switzerland entrepreneurship research, write entrepreneurship report; Communicate and cooperate with the alumni Association and other student associations at home and abroad.

  3. Communicate with China Switzerland Connection, China Switzerland Connection, Association of Science and Technology, Ruilong Ski Association, Jingwu Hall, art troupe, etc., and organize Sino-Switzerland cultural exchange, language corner, cultural festival, martial arts class, artistic performance and other activities. 4. Responsible for the connection with the embassy and consulates and assist the work of the embassy and consulates.

The classmates in Zurich seem to know everyone’s name (it is very easy to meet students from all over the world, flirt with girls, flirt with handsome boys, and foreign girls and handsome boys); You also know all the great people in Zurich. (As the saying goes, there must be a teacher in the company of three. There are so many teachers. The cultivation of interpersonal skills. Working in public relations and dealing with so many people, emotional intelligence comes naturally. Organizational leadership. To successfully organize an activity, it is a great exercise of Leadership, in the future, all kinds of leaderless group discussions, naturally won’t be afraid.

Want to exercise students work ability; Want to broaden your relationships; Want to develop leadership skills; Most importantly, you want to work with us, to serve the students, to make the ideas in your head come true.